USPS is coming out with some changes in 2014. The first is their new general pricing structure. Letters of up to 1 oz. will see a 30-cent increase to 49 cents, additional ounces will see a 1-cent increase to 21 cents, letters to international destinations will be $1.15, and postcards see a 1-cent jump up to 34 cents. Along with their general pricing changes, though, there are going to be some much more complicated rules regarding qualification for their automation prices. Their new goal is to have as much automation […]

Variable data printing (or VDP) is the use of digital printing software to customize documents to be mailed to prospective or established customers. VDP allows you to send a personalized document to each customer or group of customers, depending only on what you would like to do. The degree of personalization is completely up to you. You may want to send the same information to two completely different markets, but have different images for each market. You may want to have the customer’s name appear in a greeting on the […]